14 January 2009

Law School so far

Graduation on its way..on its way.. Well, the thought of graduation seems to be on the mind of every 3rd year law student.. and yet...graduation is on its way...

My three years @ law school has been fascinating... Great exposure to the saying, law is an arse.. being a student of the subject, the passion for the subject makes the better of you at times of crisis. With the sword of a 2:1 hanging over your head, you can't help but face the world... the sword is the difference between a TC or a Pupillage and a Drink Degree.... well, one can keep ranting on and on...

My year three has been a mixed bag...the sword of a 2:1 continues to hang.. Having made my intentions to pursue a career at the Bar, I have 120 days to come up with an action plan of dodging the sword...and hope that graduation is on its way....

Looking forward to a scinsilating 120 days ahead... As there is an old chinese curse, may you live through interesting times!!!

11 November 2008

Third Year so far

I've noticed no one has posted for a while! My last year is going so quickly which might be due to the amount of work...it is seriously a lot more than last year, I'm finding it difficult to fit my dissertation in at the moment though I'm hoping this will improve soon.
Also got to do my application for the LPC this month, I am now panicking over funding it as I haven't got a training contract. I've been looking at paralegal work but not sure if I'll have time whilst I'm studying. I've decided to apply for the Government Legal Service next year which I'm quite excited about, although it is very competitive.
Maybe we should get a discussion going, I am sure we all have quite strong views to share! 

18 July 2008

Exam Results

So I got my exam results and managed to get a 2:1 which I am quite happy about. I can't believe it's my last year already. I got my options through for next year and will be studying Tort (a lot of people have said this is strange because it is usually a first year subject), Family Law, International Human Rights, Law of Income and Turnover Taxes and Women in the Criminal Justice System. The latter two are a bit random as I had wanted to do Shipping Law but apparently its been cancelled! I am also doing a dissertation on Surrogacy law. Finding a dissertation tutor took a while but I am very pleased that the one I have has done research in this particular area and I am hoping to get a start on it before term starts in October.

Over the summer I am undertaking further work experience shadowing a barrister but have had no luck finding a vacation scheme! I have applied for a training contract with one particular firm that really stood out for me so fingers crossed for that. I have also applied to be a volunteer for the witness service in order to experience some of the other aspects of the Criminal Justice system. It's all a bit mixed up at the moment as I'm still confused as to which aspect I want to specialise in. I am looking forward to getting back to University and getting stuck in in October!

29 June 2008

Year Two beckons

Passed everything so all set for year two of the GDL DL. Quite pleased really - managed the first year with a full time job, two part time jobs, two pre-school children, and the ex husband from hell, but have come out with 65.5 overall (and 72 in constiadmin - yay!). So a few months off now before Land law, equity and trust, and criminal law invite me to discover their delights.

Didn't ever think I would make it this far, but hey ho, there you go. Anything, it seems, is possible!

30 March 2008

Susie Law School returns with Law School Advice

Hi kids,

Yes yes, I know, I never post here, shame on me and my handbag-sized dog. I do enjoy passing on my wisdom to those who follow in my footsteps. However, I can rarely think of awe-inspiring, useful topics to discuss on this blawg that will aid lawyers-to-be in their quest for a training contract and beyond.

However, part-time law student has given me food for thought and I figured since s/he asked this question, there must be others out there wondering the same. So here is some advice regarding Law Schools, in response to the following query:

"I have a question regarding the LPC - Is there a divide amongst those who have a training contract and those who don't? Do providers generally help those do not yet have a TC? I have heard that in comparison to the GDL, the LPC provider is more important - more notice is paid to the LPC provider on the CV. Im currently weighing up pros and cons of part-time study v full-time and cheap provider re big provider (such as Kaplan / BPP / CoL)....dilemmas, dilemmas..."

1. On the GDL, most people don't have a training contract. In my class of 18 last year, only six of us did, and only two were going to the Bar. So that leaves 10 people in a class without TCs. On the LPC, this is slightly different, but apparently most people start the LPC without a TC. This is a somewhat warped interpretation of matters, of course, since the percentage of TC-equipped would-be-solicitors is *probably* higher in places like College of Law or BPP where majority of City firms send their trainees.

I can only speak for my current provider, but for the compulsory subjects, students were placed in groups with others in the same situation. So everyone in my original group have TCs whereas friends without TCs are in groups with others in the same situation. This changes during the electives, however.

2. As for helping students get a TC, there is apparently a good careers service, but I can't speak for its value as I lack first-hand experience. At BPP there are apparently more students without TCs at Waterloo, whereas most (?) people at Holborn have TCs. And I hear this is so because it is then possible to provide more specialist help for students to obtain TCs, firm presentations, workshops etc. at Waterloo.

3. I am not a recruiter but I would say yes, your LPC provider is more important than your GDL provider. If you want a City TC I wouldn't bother applying to anywhere but BPP, CoL or Nottingham. This is merely because once you get your TC most City firms will get you to pack your bags and set off to one of the said institutions anyway. So you might as well already be there, and there probably is *some* additional prestige attached if you haven't got a TC and go to one of those schools. You might as well do all you can to maximise your chances of getting a TC rather than make it harder on yourself by going for a cheap-but-obscure provider.

As for the GDL, it probably doesn't matter where you go. I know people with GDLs from all kinds of places who have training contracts and did not have trouble obtaining them.

4. There doesn't seem to be much difference in practice between providers. What you learn is exactly the same, obviously, since it is set by the Law Society. Friends who went from GDL at BPP to Kaplan have despaired at the admin nightmare that is Nottingham, but BPP LPC-goers who did the GDL at BPP also despair at the at-times ineptitude of the organisation of the LPC at BPP.

CoL is a whole different kettle of fish as much more of the studying is independent (compared to spoon-feeding at BPP) and exams are open book. A word of warning though - just because you can take your notes, this does not make it easier. The questions are harder and apparently there is very little time to actually look at your carefully constructed colour-coded diagrams unless you know exactly where they are. Really depends on what style of teaching and learning you prefer.

5. As for the merits of part-time versus full-time, I have very little advice on this, alas. I know a person who opted for GDL and the LPC part-time and he has coped well. Again, depends a lot on the kind of learning-style you have, how disciplined and focused you are and suchlike.

On that note, I hope I have managed to impart at least some wisdom to someone.

29 March 2008

I thought I'd write about what I've been doing during the second semester since it has been so long since my last post. I finally decided to do a small number of vacation scheme applications rather than the 20 suggested! One firm in particular I am dying to hear from. I had practically given up when I recieved an email telling me I would find out whether the application was successful on Tuesday. Scary.

Other than that I have been busy doing my Law and Medicine coursework. This involved researching and writing a 10,000 word essay on a topic of my choosing. In the end I decided to write about transplantation and whether there should be a presumed consent system. I was dreading it really but once I started researching I got really involved. The essay itself took a long time to write and when I handed it in I was so relieved! Now I need to concentrate on my EU law and jurisprudence coursework. And then REVISION. Which is always terrifying...

Over the easter holidays I am doing a mini pupillage. I did my first day last Wednesday and really enjoyed it. I get to see a lot of what I have been learning in Criminal Law put into practice which is really interesting. I went out and spent far too much money on something smart to wear...my bank balance is not looking happy! Over the holidays I've also got to decide what options I want to take next year. I think I will do a dissertation, although I am not sure what on. Possibly some area of medical law. Other than this I am not sure - think I might do a mixture of areas to keep my options open. Back to University next week so I can spend the rest of the Easter holidays in the library...great fun!

03 March 2008

Red Bull, Ducks and Steven.

Anyone that has ever been in an educational institution knows that the library has benefits, we're not talking about knowledge or learning here. We're talking about hardcore staring at the weird french student who gets frustrated by the 'stupeeditee' (yeah that was meant to be in a french accent if you didn't already notice) of the English language.
However, my exploration of the wonders of the library today (first time since the beginning of the year, thank you very much!) actually caught me completely by surprise. So tension was building up in my brain from the audacity of some of the decisions, just really didn't add up with my logical bone, went down stairs for a smoke went back upstairs and instead of the usual WHO THE DAMN HELL STOLE ALL MY BOOKS routine, I actually found a Red Bull! Some kind individual left a Red Bull for me and the other caffeine deprived people that were lying around.
Now considering I've never been subjected to this amount of unexpected kindness I honestly thought someone just forgot it or maybe I was being monitored by the psychology department, yeah paranoid much? But still who ever did it has my undying respect and adoration, never really like Red Bull, but nothing tasted better than that particular can of bull semen!
Moving on towards the juicer parts of this rather pointless sequence of words. Now if you have had the pleasure of reading my previous posts I think I mentioned my flatmates a couple of times, good people generally, but then everyone is alright if you don't really know them! I've got one rather paranoid English girl, a Romanian guy who thinks the world revolves around the female reproductive system but then I'm not really disapproving of that point of view, and two Chinese guys that I really don't know, they tend to eat home cooked meals, the audacity!
Now one of the Chinese guys, I actually got to know his name this term, now to put things in perspective, I HAVE BEEN LIVING WITH HIM FOR THE PAST 5 MONTHS, now it might be a fault on my side but still quite terribly sad. Oh and if your wondering what his name is its Steven, if you say hi Steven you generally get a mumble but its all good!
Well, that's pretty much what I have for today, wasn't a really productive day other than the fact that I found out today that ducks aren't really as friendly as they look, evil little birds, your try to be all movie like and feed them and they damn near bite your finger off, I was very anti-hunting, I might just be about to change my position on that.
All done, therapy is done now I can go fry the cells up in my brain in traditional student fashion!

PS: I would never change my position on hunting!

29 February 2008

When the Sh**e Hits the Fan.

To be honest, I've been saving this blog for a seriously long time. No one has been blogging and it's been anticipation for ages, and then NILL. Well I guess tis up to me again to keep you all entertained, which I will in due course fail terribly at!

Well if anyone had ever been to Bangkok, I think you'd understand the term 'FRICKEN HELL', I just realised that that term can be used to describe the legal profession and that automatically includes the study of law as well!

I just got my course work assignments a couple of weeks ago, manically went to work on them and now I can not get myself to look at another book. But still enjoyable, I just realised that I maybe the single most blog reading person on earth, I have actually read a blog about keeping chickens (which to be honest is far more interesting than this one, and no i'm not going to give you the link so you can get a quick blue escape from this one though!) and I actually think the person blogging about it actually had feelings for his little feathery friends, but then who can blame him I have feelings for Lemsip.

Moving on from the depressing subject of course work, to another more depressing one! Constitutional Law. My lecturer says that all law students need this course, I still dont understand why she would lie to me. My lecturer also says Lord Denning was a saviour, but then wikipedia said he was a rogue wannabe king. Wikipedia has been through a lot with, i'm going to go with it on this one.

Oh well, I was a bit random, boring and unconcentrated. But then is that not the essance of blogging? Yes it is (sheesh im answering my own rhetorical questions now!)

Any one last word, I said my in last post that this one was going to be about girls, I just remembered that fact really. Boobs do sell you know!

A word of advice to anyone who wants to study law, if your not a Michael Angelo-ish looking dont expect to get any attention, except from the token weird one who changes her bracelets but tends to forget changing her clothes, SINCE LAST TERM!

Over and out. I hope you enjoyed it, I sure havent.

26 February 2008

Their Article

Law Careers.Net has an article on UK law blogs (ok, "blawgs") and this site gets a mention. Cheers guys!

10 February 2008

Sue Earth!

Well this is the start of something new for me, sharing random thoughts with people who just happen to be procrastinating and reading this instead of doing course work!
Now lets see, the thing that actually made me want to blog here was the fact that damn it, no one is talking about the fun of being in uni!
Okay, we're supposed to be serious, uptight, precise and technical. But still do any of you really want to read about how hard law school is, we all found that out when we read the courses we had to sign up for didn't we? What about the cold pizzas? The weird girl that sits infront of you in lectures and smells like she was formulated in a lab?! Yes, those difficult questions will be addressed critically in this blog. If you want to read about how difficult International Trade Law is, your not going to find that out here!
As a first year, i'm still very excited about it. I'm happy to be where I am but i've got the right to rant (i still dont know why that clause has not made it in the ECHR!).
Now that we've got the introductory thing going, let's see i'm an international student as well so this is DOUBLE the fun for me! English people are so much fun (after 8 that is), junk food has new meaning to me and im starting to actually get used to the fact that walking over people who like bottles everytime I go out is a part of life.
Anyway I hope you enjoy this on going rant, that hopefully is going to last a life time, and if anyone has any comment on my grammatical skills STUFF IT. :)
Next blog is actually going to be about girls oooh. lol