10 February 2008

Sue Earth!

Well this is the start of something new for me, sharing random thoughts with people who just happen to be procrastinating and reading this instead of doing course work!
Now lets see, the thing that actually made me want to blog here was the fact that damn it, no one is talking about the fun of being in uni!
Okay, we're supposed to be serious, uptight, precise and technical. But still do any of you really want to read about how hard law school is, we all found that out when we read the courses we had to sign up for didn't we? What about the cold pizzas? The weird girl that sits infront of you in lectures and smells like she was formulated in a lab?! Yes, those difficult questions will be addressed critically in this blog. If you want to read about how difficult International Trade Law is, your not going to find that out here!
As a first year, i'm still very excited about it. I'm happy to be where I am but i've got the right to rant (i still dont know why that clause has not made it in the ECHR!).
Now that we've got the introductory thing going, let's see i'm an international student as well so this is DOUBLE the fun for me! English people are so much fun (after 8 that is), junk food has new meaning to me and im starting to actually get used to the fact that walking over people who like bottles everytime I go out is a part of life.
Anyway I hope you enjoy this on going rant, that hopefully is going to last a life time, and if anyone has any comment on my grammatical skills STUFF IT. :)
Next blog is actually going to be about girls oooh. lol

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EmmaK said...

It's always been something of a mystery to me why anyone would want to go through the tedium of studying law ....I guess this will be an eyeopener.