29 February 2008

When the Sh**e Hits the Fan.

To be honest, I've been saving this blog for a seriously long time. No one has been blogging and it's been anticipation for ages, and then NILL. Well I guess tis up to me again to keep you all entertained, which I will in due course fail terribly at!

Well if anyone had ever been to Bangkok, I think you'd understand the term 'FRICKEN HELL', I just realised that that term can be used to describe the legal profession and that automatically includes the study of law as well!

I just got my course work assignments a couple of weeks ago, manically went to work on them and now I can not get myself to look at another book. But still enjoyable, I just realised that I maybe the single most blog reading person on earth, I have actually read a blog about keeping chickens (which to be honest is far more interesting than this one, and no i'm not going to give you the link so you can get a quick blue escape from this one though!) and I actually think the person blogging about it actually had feelings for his little feathery friends, but then who can blame him I have feelings for Lemsip.

Moving on from the depressing subject of course work, to another more depressing one! Constitutional Law. My lecturer says that all law students need this course, I still dont understand why she would lie to me. My lecturer also says Lord Denning was a saviour, but then wikipedia said he was a rogue wannabe king. Wikipedia has been through a lot with, i'm going to go with it on this one.

Oh well, I was a bit random, boring and unconcentrated. But then is that not the essance of blogging? Yes it is (sheesh im answering my own rhetorical questions now!)

Any one last word, I said my in last post that this one was going to be about girls, I just remembered that fact really. Boobs do sell you know!

A word of advice to anyone who wants to study law, if your not a Michael Angelo-ish looking dont expect to get any attention, except from the token weird one who changes her bracelets but tends to forget changing her clothes, SINCE LAST TERM!

Over and out. I hope you enjoyed it, I sure havent.


Asp said...

I think it's possible to say that Lord Denning was very clearly a rogue wannabe king - but that still doesn't make him a saviour, protector of all that's equitable in the world, and rightly one of the most popular judges in UK Legal History :)

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Bar or Bust said...

I am sorry but your reliance on wikepidia has let you down royally in this particular instance.

Lord Denning is the most witty, erudite, common sense, and entertaining judge that one could hope to come across. He is the saviuor of many a law student as well as a protector of the 'little guy'.

If you are struggling to understand what legal principle the case supprts then generally if there is a Denning Judgment look for that and you won't go far wrong (assuming of course he is in the majority).

Law Minx said...

Whilst I concur, in the main, with your sentiments regarding Lord Denning ( there isn't a student out there that doesnt adore him) there are a number of things worth remembering:
1: Champion as he was of the little guy ( mainly dear little old ladies, whom he was want to cut as much slack to as possible, even when the evidence against them was overwhelming) his treatment of Miners during the Strike, could be said to be nothing short of outrageous.
2: Very little of his inventive solutions to legal problems survive him, largely because they border on the completely eccentric.
Despite this, I am still very fond of him, if only for the groan of dispair his name produces in your average lecturer when one mentions his dicta during tutorials and seminars.....!

Sex, Drugs and Law School said...

Well I see my little Lord Denning dig was not at all popular!
I've been trying to find a case where Lord Denning wasn't made out to look like the devil by the other sitting judges. I failed, quite terribly at the as well!
He was a champion for the little guy, too bad no one else liked the little guy.
Anyway thanks loads for reading it and leaving comments! Re-ignited my blogging cells

Curious Yellow said...

When are you going to write about girls?