29 June 2008

Year Two beckons

Passed everything so all set for year two of the GDL DL. Quite pleased really - managed the first year with a full time job, two part time jobs, two pre-school children, and the ex husband from hell, but have come out with 65.5 overall (and 72 in constiadmin - yay!). So a few months off now before Land law, equity and trust, and criminal law invite me to discover their delights.

Didn't ever think I would make it this far, but hey ho, there you go. Anything, it seems, is possible!


Leanne said...
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Anonymous said...

Well done. I am a single mum of four who is very passionate about the law. I went to college and this gave me the confidence to go for the LLb at university. Oh yeah i also got rid of the husband from hell.
All is possible!