11 November 2008

Third Year so far

I've noticed no one has posted for a while! My last year is going so quickly which might be due to the amount of work...it is seriously a lot more than last year, I'm finding it difficult to fit my dissertation in at the moment though I'm hoping this will improve soon.
Also got to do my application for the LPC this month, I am now panicking over funding it as I haven't got a training contract. I've been looking at paralegal work but not sure if I'll have time whilst I'm studying. I've decided to apply for the Government Legal Service next year which I'm quite excited about, although it is very competitive.
Maybe we should get a discussion going, I am sure we all have quite strong views to share! 


Engagingbrand said...

As a first year student would be great to hear what you wish you had known, what you would do differently, how to approach your first year ?

Mr Pineapples said...

What the hell would YOU know, you third year ghett?- If you had half the understanding of the P you would be honoured-that is if you had half a brain, you idiot.

Barry said...


I am teaching legal english to Spanish lawyers in Madrid and trying to get hold of role-plays or group discussion material on legal issues. Would any of you guys be willing to sell me such material as I am sure you use such stuff at Univ.


Barry info@crackbusinessenglish.com